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Looking through the photo album in the library with dad on Father's Day 1971.

Submitted by Anna Marie Laurence
Everett home. Father's Day 1971

Submitted by Anna Marie Laurence
Dad was always "Father of the Year" to me!   - Anna Marie Laurence

Jackson Named Father of the Year

U.S. Senator Henry M. Jackson of Everett was named father of the year among statesmen yesterday in recognition of his sponsorship of legislation to protect the nation's environment.

The 59-year-old senator, an unofficial presidential candidate, called for a strengthening of family life in America, blaming increasing affluence for alienating youth from the rest of society.

The senator appeared with his wife, Helen, to accept the award which has been presented annually since 1942 by the National Father's Day Committee.

Jackson is the father of an eight-year-old girl, Anna Marie, and a five-year-old boy, Peter.

Jackson said, "there is a weakening of family life among the more affluent" and that too many adults try to "subcontract with a check" their responsibilities as parents.

At the same time, he added, stronger family ties are needed among the poor.  Children from poverty-level families are often raised without the presence of a father, he said.

Speaking at a news conference before the awards luncheon, Senator Jackson called unemployment "the major issue" facing the nation and expressed qualified support for the Nixon administration's family assistance plan.

Jackson is a member of the executive board of the Evergreen Council of the Boy Scouts of America and is honorary chairman of SOAR -- the Save Our American Resources Committee of the Evergreen Council.

Photo caption: FATHER OF THE YEAR - Senator Henry M. Jackson and his wife, Helen, and daughter, Anna Marie, 8, are shown as they visited the flower show of the Evergreen State Fair at Monroe last fall.  Missing the fair visit the Jacksons' five-year-old son, Peter.

-Article from the Everett Herald, 1971

Submitted by Anna Marie Laurence
How "Scoop" Jackson Got His Nickname

Young Henry Jackson's older sister Gertrude's favorite comic strip, published in The Everett Daily Herald, was "SCOOP THE CUB REPORTER."

The personality and antics of the cartoon character, especially his knack for getting others to do his jobs for him, reminded Gertrude so much of her younger brother that she began calling him "Scoop."

The nickname stuck.  Throughout his life, including his impressive career in public service, he was affectionately known as "Scoop."

Submitted by Larry Hanson
This time of year I am often reminded of graduation. My father gave the commencement speech at my high school, Holton-Arms School in Bethesda, Maryland, when I graduated on June 4, 1981. In his remarks he said:

“It is perhaps too soon for most of you to make any final decisions about your role in life. But it is not too soon to decide whether you are going to be a spectator or a participant, whether you are going to stay on the sidelines or be involved in meeting the challenges of your generation. My advice to you is to be a participant – to be involved. In this way you will enrich the nation, and you will enrich your own lives.”

In my life, I have tried to take his words to heart by being involved in my children’s school communities, volunteering for various non-profits and being an active member of the Henry M. Jackson Foundation.

Submitted by Anna Marie Laurence