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We hope that you will support our work by donating today or considering the Jackson Foundation as you undertake your estate planning. There is more work to be done and your support will help us do it. Please take a moment and consider the following options.

Please support our:

Henry M. Jackson Leadership Fellows Fund

Help support a major new initiative to invest in the leadership development of highly qualified young professionals.  This exciting program helps foster a bipartisan approach to challenges in the fields of international affairs, human rights, environment and natural resources management, energy, and public service. The establishment of the Jackson Leadership Fellows Program is based on the belief that by educating participants about leadership, we will improve the effectiveness of problem solving in the nation and in our local communities. Take a look at our video to learn more about the program's impact.

Jackson Leadership Fellows - Larry Phillips Fund for Climate Change and the Environment

In recognition of Larry Phillips leadership on growth management, natural resource protection, water quality, transportation, and climate change, the Foundation has created the Jackson Leadership Fellows - Larry Phillips Fund for Climate Change and the Environment. The fund is intended to support participants in the Henry M. Jackson Leadership Fellows Program who are interested in fostering bipartisan solutions in the fields of climate change and the environment, reflecting issues of significance that defined Larry Phillip's career in public service. These funds are envisioned to provide annual support to one of more Fellows who focus their project on issues related to climate change and other environmental concerns.

General Purpose Fund  

Help support the mission of the Jackson Foundation in all the work that we do to advance the Jackson legacy.
Help strengthen the Foundation so it will remain a vibrant entity for the next generation.

International Affairs Education Fund 

Help us provide fellowships in Russian and Chinese Studies to promising young leaders at the Jackson School, support student internships and provide practical policy experiences for undergrads at the School.  Contribute to policy briefings put on by the National Bureau of Asian Research and ensure that our nation's leaders are informed about key issues in Asia Pacific affairs. 

Environmental/Natural Resources and Energy Fund 

Help us engage young people in conservation and environmental education, support graduate students in their policy training, and convene key elected officials, military and community leaders to explore the intersection between climate change and national security.

Public Service Fund

Help us generate national and regional discussion about the need for bipartisan leadership and civil discourse and engage Washington State residents in active civic life, as well as support young people at the University committed to public service.

Human Rights Fund

Help us keep a spotlight on human rights and rule of law concerns in Russia and more broadly, within Europe as a whole. Closer to home, support programs benefiting the University of Washington’s Helen Jackson Chair and Human Rights Center and provide more young people with exposure to the cutting edge of human rights research and activism.

Prefer not to give online? Mail your donation to the Henry M. Jackson Foundation, 1501 4th Ave., Suite 1580, Seattle, Washington 98101, or call the Foundation's Executive Director, Lara Iglitzin, at 206-682-8565. We appreciate your support!

The Henry M. Jackson Foundation is a publicly supported, tax-exempt organization, under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, to which tax deductible contributions can be made under Section 170 of the Code.

North Cascades Institute Youth Leadership Adventures photos by Ethan Welty